All families eligible for monthly CCB benefits based on their 2018 personal income tax returns will receive an extra benefit as part of their May, 2020 benefit payment.  Some other families with children under age 18 who do not receive monthly benefits will be eligible for a one-time benefit in May.


For families receiving monthly benefits, the May benefit will be enhanced by $300 per child under age 18.  Families receiving no monthly benefits may receive a portion of this enhancement, depending on their income levels.

As an example, a family with two children aged 6 to 17, with an “adjusted income” of $180,000 in 2018 would not qualify for monthly CCB benefits.  However, they would qualify for a one-time benefit of approximately $590 in May, 2020.

Application process

Like the monthly CCB, this benefit is managed under the income tax system.  No special application is required as it will be based on income tax returns filed for 2018.

Other notes

Individuals or families with children under age 18 who are not presently receiving the CCB may want to confirm that all of the children in their custody are reflected on CRA’s records, to ensure the appropriate payment is computed.  Taxpayers registered with CRA’s MyAccount service can view the children CRA shows under their custody online through that service.